SME Instrument Phase 2

We are executing a H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project, entitled, “A Veterinary Decision Support System by Rapid Bacterial Infection Detection (RAID)” financed by the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission under the contract number 859156 between 1st Aprl 2019 – 31rd March 2021.

In this phase 2 project, we aim to carry out all essential steps for market introduction: increasing the number of detectable bacteria to at least 50, increasing the reliability to at least 98%, improving and automating sample processing method, establishing a mobile RAID laboratory for satisfying the need of small farmers and veterinarians, who cannot invest to buy large devices and using it for demonstration purposes, validating and certifying our method. We aim to refine our business plan and to obtain tangible commercial results at the end of the project, i.e. signed service contracts and purchase orders. The success of the project will promote the growth of the companies involved.

The project is executed by two companies EL-CO TECH Ltd (ELT) and Martin&Co Ltd  (MC). MC will provide the know-how and will carry out business related activities, while ELT will be the technology developer and provider. For the commercialisation, the two companies will make a joint venture, Martin and Co will maintain the IPR, provide the services and manage the product distribution.