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Introducing EL_CO Tech Ltd and Martin&Co Ltd.

The RAID project is executed by two companies EL-CO TECH Ltd (ELT) and Martin&Co Ltd (MC). MC will provide the know-how and will carry out business related activities, while ELT will be the technology developer and provider. For the commercialisation, the two companies will make a joint venture, Martin and Co will maintain the IPR, provide the services and manage the product distribution.

We set-up a RAID Laboratory at Berlini Park > which is an incubation space for chemistry related start-ups in Budapest (formal buildings of Medicinal Chemistry research Center, which was shut down 10 years ago). We have all necessary laboratory units, toolkits and devices to carry out our research. Regarding analytical chemistry, we have Shimadzu Mass Spectrometer-2020(CL) and excess to other analytical units at the campus of Berlini Park.

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1045 Budapest, Berlini út 47-49.

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